April 25th 2017

We have just planted yellow rock roses on our roof!  This is all part of the “The Square Meter for Butterflies” project which seeks to establish a network of green roofs in the city to offer new homes to Edinburgh’s butterfly.  The Northern Brown Argos butterfly lived on Arthur’s Seat but was thought to be a version of the Brown Argos.  In 1793 it was identified as a completely new species of butterfly unique to Arthur’s Seat.  Unfortunately, it had disappeared by 1869 due to over- zealous collecting, changes in land use  and the construction of a road.  But in 2005 it was spotted again near Holyrood and now the population is increasing.  It’s favourite food is the yellow rock rose.  It is hoped that by planting yellow rock rose on green roofs the butterfly and its caterpillar will find food, shelter, and space at the right height.    Leonie Alexander and Natasha Fraction of the Royal Botanic Gardens also brought Sheep’s Sorrel and Bird’s Foot Trefoil to encourage the Small Copper Butterfly and the Common Blue Butterfly to make their home in our garden.


Edinburgh Catholic Chaplaincy

The Catholic Chaplaincy serves the students and staff of the University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh Napier University and Queen Margaret University.

The Catholic Chaplaincy is also a parish of the Archdiocese of St Andrews and Edinburgh (the Parish of St Albert the Great) and all Catholic students and staff are automatically members of this parish.

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