Attending Mass at St Albert’s

July 15th 2020

Here are our Masses.


Monday to Friday at 5.15 pm

Saturday at 12 noon

Sunday at 9am and 5.15pm


Sunday at 11am and 12.15pm

We are using St Columba’s Upper Gray Street, EH9 1SN, for two Masses on Sundays. You must book on the website Eventbrite if you want to to attend any of these Masses. If you scroll down there a step by step guide to booking for Mass on Eventbrite.

Here is the link for booking to attend Mass at St Albert’s

Here is the link to the Eventbrite page to book places for St Albert’s Masses at St Columba’s

the 5.15pm Mass from St Albert’s is live streamed each day Monday to Friday and on Sunday. On Saturdays the Mass at 12 noon is live streamed. Here is the ink to our Facebook page


Go to Eventbrite website (links in yesterday’s email).

(ii)          Click on ‘Select Date’ – this will bring you to a screen with different dates available. Click on ‘Tickets’ for the date you wish to book for.


(iii)         This brings you to a screen in which you can indicate how many tickets you wish to have (i.e. how many places you are booking).


(iv)         When you have indicated the number, click on ‘Register’.


(v)          This brings you to another screen in which you have to put in the contact details for you as the person organising the booking and for every one of the attendees. (This is needed for Track & Trace.)


(vi)         When you have done this, click on ‘Register’.

(vii)       Please note: confusingly, you need to click on ‘Register’ at two points, as per steps (iv) and (vi).

(viii)      When you have successfully completed the process, you should have a screen looking like the screenshot attached to this email


(ix)         You should also receive an email to confirm the booking. It might take a few minutes for the email to arrive; but if it does not arrive, I advise you check your Junk box of your mailer in case your Spam filter incorrectly thinks it is a Spam email. 

(x)          You can repeat the process for booking for other dates.

Having to click on ‘Register’ at two points of the process has caught out a few people. It is a genuinely confusing feature of the website. But I think that once you get used to booking, it should get fairly easy. In any case, the screen indicating that you have successfully booked, and the confirmatory email, should allay any uncertainty.

Attending Mass at St Albert’s

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